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"It's far less messy than dealing with a drain plug, and since you don't have to remove it every time, you won't have to worry about the plug getting stripped or freezing up."

Motorhome Magazine

"Oil changes can be easy as turning a lever - A one-time replacement with Fumoto valve eliminates all inconveniences associated with conventional drain plugs. Our test of the valve proved to be a total success. this product should make oil change faster and easier, eliminating much of the oil-change procrastination that serves only to shorten engine life."

Tom Jarvi, VP, Maintenance & Purchasing, Consolidated Freightways

"We use them on everything with an engine, even our forklifts, and we have for ten years now...I'm not aware of any failures, that's just not been an issue."

Motor Oil Evaluator: Fumoto Oil Drain Valve Review

"When it comes time for an oil change, rather than unscrewing your oil pan plug (and ending up with oil all over your hands and the plug in your drain pan), you simply open the Fumoto valve, which directs the oil stream right where you want it. Want to be even more precise draining your oil?"

Comment on www.v6performance.net

"I was highly impressed. Opening the valve was quick and easy, and there's no mess and no tools required! Now, the only tool I need to change my oil is my jack and a stand."

Comment on www.civicforums.com

“messy oil changes? this valve acts like a faucet on your oil pan. just push the lever tab up and around, and it opens the valve and oil comes out cleaner. this was my first oil change using it, and i love it! ... best investment in the civic so far.”

Comment on www.reddit.com

“YES! Get one. This is a no brainer. I have one on my '11 Fozzie... Between the up-front upside down oil filter and the Fumoto drain this was the cleanest oil change I have ever done on any car or truck. You will be giggling as to how easy, fast and clean it is to change the oil on your Subie."

"Had one on my Ram 2500 for 8yrs (275,000km) and it has never leaked a drop. I use the one with the nipple and it makes the draining process way cleaner than a drain lug. It has a lift and rotate process to open it so it will not accidentally open. Have any of the commenters with negative opinions actually had a bad experience?"

Comment on www.4x4wire.com

"The end result is great. You will ask yourself why you didn't think of this sooner. Just turn the valve lever, and go have a cold one."

User's Comment on www.subaruforester.org

“I have used 4 Fumoto's over the past 10 years. 2 on Subaru's , a Toyota and Ford. All worked or continue to work flawlessly.

Captain Ned, NASIOC forum

“Fumoto valves for almost 7 years here with nary a drop of leakage”